Flower Power!



Another Wednesday and Di has another sketch for the cardmakers among us. This was my effort that I submitted. Like the chance to play with flowers!


I’ve finished some CJ pages too – look out for some sneaky peeks. I’m going to be good now, get off the ‘puter and do some more work on my assignments. Might even get one finished. Well, there’s always wishful thinking! 😆

Edited…..Must remember that Di’s Wednesday is probably our Thursday…. Arrrgggghhh to time differences!!


6 thoughts on “Flower Power!

  1. okay I can see it now……;-)
    Very nice Kelly. The colours are lovely. I am a sucker for flowers.

  2. Very nice … love flowers [just a little – lol] … and yep, the time difference bugs the c#*p out of me at times, trying to work out what time it is when I’m thinking of calling Mom and Dad and the another time altogether within another zone in the States … grrrrhhhh!

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