I’ll let you know if that is just my state of mind later. 😉

OK, so last night I was trying to be clever and pre-load a card, but then becuase of time differences, I don’t think you can actually see it until tomorrow. So any references to today made yesterday will be in tomorrow’s and will be in the past. Confused?? I am. Always! Well, mostly.

So, my clever little pre-load won’t show until tomorrow so here is something else I got done yesterday. I had to make some vintage pages for an Australian list. I’ve never done a deliberately vintage page before so I’m a wee bit nervous about the result. Still, I gave it a go and that is the main thing.


And on the domestic holiday front… how is everyone else holding out? I’m greatful today that we did decide in the end to get the vinyl in the kitchen. I’ve just spent 20 minutes cleaning up red finger paint off the floor. Red stains. Why is it always the red?? 😯 The Mr’s showed a bit of initiative while I was in the shower this morning and thought they would get busy with the finger painting set my mother got them for christmas. I thought I’d hidden it away well. Clearly not. Thanks, Mum.

And to pinch a line from Karen….. Breathe in; Breathe out. (Or is that wax on….wax off….??!!) 😆


5 thoughts on “Vintage

  1. lol gotta give the boys an A+ for trying to keep themselves entertained. So where do you hide the chocolate? hmm maybe I should ask the boys instead. Like ya vintage look. Also you are able to do post the night before to make them appear today. Depends on what you put on the time stamp(date and timewise)

  2. Great card, Kelly. Sorry to hear about boys up to mischief with red paint. At least they tried to keep themselves out of your hair!

  3. Nice card 😉 Sorry to hear about the red paint ! Attractive embellishment? or not 🙂
    Re: time differences … you should ensure your clock time is 12 hours ahead (for New Zealand) and you can edit the time stamp on your post to publish whenever you want. Also using New Zealand time

  4. yes, I’ve had to breathe in breathe out quite a bit during this lot of holidays! But then theres been several times when I haven’t and I just left fly! LOL Never mind only 2 more days and its back to school.

  5. THat’s a great Vintage look you have done there Janine.
    And how do you do a pre-load? I tried forward dating a post to achieve this but it didn’t work.

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