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Ok, So I think I’m back

Yes, our friend B seems to have completed the loading of the updates and patches, transferred us to Mozilla and done all sorts of secure things for us. DH and I are both happy chappies!


Today was a red letter day. More on that tomorrow ‘cos I’ve spent more time than I intended already tonight so I don’t want to be loading pics etc just yet. However, Mr 5’s training wheels have been removed. Never EVER thought something like that would bring a lump to my throat – but it did!! He has been happily speeding on his bike for a while now. In fact, although he insisted that the trainers remained, they have been bent up so high that there was no way they could be used anyway!! Phsyc!!! I’m not exactly sure of the point where they were removed, but this afternoon was a daddy and Mr5 bike adventure. He came home to show me the bike stand that daddy had installed while they were out – and to go up and down our cul de sac several times. At speed. At great speed.

Is that a boy thing?? 😯

So yes, camera in hand, I watched and snapped as he rode up and down the street, around the bend and back again. (At speed.) Realising that we had been encouraging him all along to do this. And now he is. He really is not my baby anymore.

When did that happen?

Edit: photo added…


4 thoughts on “Ok, So I think I’m back

  1. Wow, he is growing up!! Pretty good to have training wheels off at 5, I don’t think my almost-5-year-old will want his removed for another couple of years! He’s quite cautious 😉
    Yay for your BIG boy!

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