Having fun

Yes, indeedy!  To begin with you know that the day didn’t start spectacularly, but Mr Dell DID show at 1 and I got my new hard drive put in.  ………THEN I spent most of the afternoon re-installing bits and pieces.  I’m still not 100% there yet, but hey, we’ll take what we have and be greatful.  The rest will come.

But the FUN thing I did last night was go to a scrapnight organised by Kris.  I got to meet some people from a group that I recently joined.  They were getting their Circle Journals back – they had been in circulation for best part of a year.  All I can say…….. OMG!!!   Seriously fabulous talent has gone into each and every page.  To my on-line pal Janine……. had a look through yours………. you are going to be THRILLED…… it is Gorgeous.  Yes, I got to see it before you – and all I can tell you is that it’s fab!  what a great topic you chose!

The fun:

  • Then I put together this page.  I was organised before I left the house last night – put together a page kit.  Fab idea!!  But then…… The other newbie in the group, Lou (Hi Lou!!) had this FANTastic glaze pen.  I’m sold…. I want 50 million of them – in all colours!  😆  So I played with that, and I played some more – and before I knew it, my page had some doodling!  Do you notice I’ve CASEd Beverley’s Journalling block from April’s SE Kit?
  • Kris is selling off some of her merchandise …. brads, flowers, books – even a storage case…. I know:  I went to someone’s house to crop – and I STILL SHOPPED!!!!!   😯 
  • Kris has LOADS of fonts…… and I mean LOADS….. 1000’s.  How cool is that.  Then I woke in the middle of the night realising that all the fonts i’ve gathered over the years are no longer on my PC.  Ohhhh Kriiiiiis!  😆
  • We talked and talked and talked…. that’s just gotta be cool.
  • I came home and my head was BUZZING with ideas for layouts…….. got some put in my ideas book.  I think I got some sleep – this morning I have a killer headache but I know it was from good stuff ‘cos I just don’t care! 

Ok, I’m starting to hyperventilate ….. yes, I had a good night –  but you guys don’t want to read every single morsel now do you??!! 😆


4 thoughts on “Having fun

  1. I’m so glad you had a really fun night to make up for some of the crap you’ve had to deal with lately! They sound like a great bunch of people and well done on getting the layout done and getting ideas down in your book. Sorry to hear you lost all your fonts!! I lost a whole lot a few years ago and haven’t bothered downloading any since. Which is bad, because I am SO sick of the ones I’ve currently got! Might have to remedy that, me thinks .. 😉

  2. Glad you had fun last night and I am slighlty gutted cos I had plans last night to catch up with a friend instead I was on the couch feeling miserable with this dreaded lurgy. So much for me catching up with everyonhe. Must say I am looking forward to getting my cj back. Hows ya head now?

  3. Don’t worry about losing your fonts Kelly. Most font collectors I know only use about 10 different ones (me included). The fun is in the hunting and collecting. So now you’ve got all that fun ahead of you.
    Very cool layout. I especially like those paper covered big brackets. They look really cool.

  4. Sounds like you had a blast at your crop – flinging ideas around has got to be good for you, not to mention a little socialising, a little creativity and a little shopping – what more could a girl ask for – lol!

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