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A wee moan about “Customer Service”

OK – first to admit that I don’t know how I am here.  My Hard drive is broken – all the tests confirm it.  However, for some reason I turned on the ‘puta this morning (I’d hate to admit it, but was it out of habit do ya think?!  😉 ) and all seems to be fine…… *listen for the Twilight Zone theme*

Anyway, I’m making the most of it and catching up on my e-mails and blogging mates.

Now here’s my wee moan – feel free to tune out if you prefer 😆 – My fault was logged first thing on Tuesday morning, having had to wait the ENTIRE weekend.  The service tech would be calling me Wed or Thurs.  fine.  He called Wed morning – great.  Made a time for 3/3.30.  Fantastic.  Arranged my day with the boys around this.  Come 4.10pm, nobody here but us.  Got a call…. So sorry, couldn’t make it because the service call in the morning took 4-5 hours longer than expected.  That is my problem….why??? 

Anyway, figured the guy on the phone could probably do without my pained and annoyed tongue-lashing, and I agreed to re-schedule “as a *Priority* call to first thing the next morning”.  I specified that it would be 9 am …right?  Yes, ma’am!  I was told.

Come 9 am…..dum-dee-dumm…… yes, that’s me ….twiddling my thumbs….waiting, waiting, waiting…………………..  OK 9.15 no call, no show, I tried calling the Customer Service.  The option I was told to use does NOT exist!!  It’s getting a little heated round here, the boys start to see steam…. they go off and play…. good boys!  I call the original 0800 number – tell that person I’m not a happy camper.  He flicks off e-mail to boss.  Thank you, but when is the tech going to get here – after all, I’m a *priority*!

Got a call at 9.45 – “when can I re-schedule to see you today?”  Ummmmm….. 9am – you’re LATE!!

Obviously, he can’t travel through time and he is currently with another client (presumably someone on a higher level than *priority*….) and he’ll be here at 1. 

Too bad I have to schedule my boys and the holiday stuff around HIS schedule, too bad my assignments are going to be ANOTHER 24 hours past due date….. I’ll wait…. but I’m not a happy bunny.

I’m not going to mention I actually managed to get on here though……… shhh now 😆

Ok, so thanks for listening, I feel better now.  Going to get a cuppa and see what the kiddos are up to.

I’ve got a crop to go to tonight – will be meeting some more new faces to scrap with.  I’m having a go at putting together some “pagekits” so I get a few things done.  Yeah right!!!  😆

Mr almost-6-and-planning-his-birthday-party-that-isn’t-until-July (heaven help me!!) has really been enjoying his mini-pizza box obtained from Kiwiscraps – I think he’s managed to use almost EVERY piece of paper so far.  Catch you all on the other side of the new hard drive.


5 thoughts on “A wee moan about “Customer Service”

  1. Wow, that is super annoying!! I hope that the guy really DOES turn up at 1 and you get it all sorted! A real pain especially since you’ve been reorganising your days around it all. Totally feel your frustration!

  2. Ah, NZ customer service lol! There really is no other quite like it 😉 This is a big one for me in this country. We needed someone to come and look at our freezer and had the appointment set for the morning. He calls to confirm the address and says they are leaving now. NEVER SHOWS UP! Are you hearing me lol! Didn’t call to say something came up, didn’t call to apologize, nothing! DH fixed it himself that day lol. Very annoying.

    Yes, Kamryn is planning her 5 birthday party lol. Well telling me she wants this and that and this person to come. Geesh, I haven’t even figured out what to do!!! Gotta love their drive though 😉

  3. hey I am hoping ya pc has been fixed and that this time the guy showed up!! how annoying……awwwww so what has nearly Mr 6 planned? Have a great night tonight.

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