Easter Lessons

Our PC died at the weekend.  Majorly.  Hard drive is Kaput.  Some tears were shed – at the sheer frustration of not being able to work on teh assignments that I have due and then at the loss of files.  Mainly photos.

So where is the Lesson?

It is TO BACK-UP!!!!! 

We are lucky – a LOT of our photos were on CDs for printing and what have you.  However there are always some that never made it to those CDs.  The ones I transferred just last week for example – and wiped off the memory stick.  The birthday pics, the Pox Boy etc etc.

Having learned our lesson the hard way, we have also learned that we can be thankful.  To our friend B who has worked miracles and somehow recovered what looks like close to all our files.  WOW!  Even better, he discovered that our PC is still under warrenty so hopefully can get fixed soon via that.  And finally, the library has internet access.  Phew!!  I can still feel like I am in touch with others that i don’t get to see everyday!

But from a scrapping perspective – if you don’t already, and you have your pics on your PC – back them up regularly in some way.  Be it a proper back up system or simply onto Cds.  Don’t be the next one to have your PC memories lost!!

 No lecturing – just a thought out there for you all!  😆


6 thoughts on “Easter Lessons

  1. Very good reminder, Kelly!! Last time my computer had a huge spaz and I *thought* I had lost all my photos, I went on a frenzy and copied everything in triplicate!! Placed them in various places around the house where fire and flood wouldn’t reach them! But I haven’t done any back up lately … can you guess what I’ll be doing tonight??

    So did you actually manage to recover those lost pics? It sounded like your friend had been able to get them back … I hope so.

  2. I know that sinking feeling. Glad to hear that you sounds as if you have recovered most things. It is a reminder that it can happen any time isn’t it!

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