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ColourTech: Tetrad

Well, here is my effort for the last in my colour class series.

 Last Saturday we were doing a Tetrad scheme – a scheme comprising four colours which are two sets of complimenteries that form a rectangle on the colour wheel.

I struggled with this quite a bit. i don’t think necessarily in terms of the fact I was using four colours – I think I’m quite happy to do that as long as it is sub-consious. Make me concious of what I am doing and I was quite surprised with how challenged I was.

The whole scan has washed the colours out a bit (grrr at technology!) but the pic is quite vibrant. I thought I would be starting with the yellow-orange of the grass but that threw up a choice of 2 combinations that I just couldn’t get my head around.

So, in the end, I started the scheme by looking at the orange-red as the first colour. That allowed me to have the yellow-orange in teh mix, throwing in the blue-green and the blue-violet. Still I wasn’t convinced and Shona then threw another thought my way. She has learned over the last 6 weeks that I am drawn to quite rich mixes and versions of colour. She suggested that to do that would just combat the colours in teh pic too much and perhaps if I looked at the softer tints of the tetrad….. Hmmm I thought.

So that was my 2-fold challenge – to actually look for papers in a scheme i wasn’t sure could work, and then to actually choose more subdued versions of those colours. I found the first three colour quite quickly – but do you think I could get the violet-blue? This was the colour in the mix that for me really didn’t fit.

In the end, I dumped the class layout using a white background, went with the colours I finally chose, but bumped it up with a richer version of the orange-red, planning to use it in the title. A quick flick through the mags in store and I lifted this layout.

As we did the “Show” bit at the end, I was asked if I was happy with it. The answer is yes – but to me one colour still is a question mark….. when I asked why, all I could say was that it was *different*

Sing with me now…“One of these things is not like the other…..”

PS – no, DH and I do not have medical conditions, it is a last minute rememberance to not put his and my faces on the blog – a bit of a security thing as our faces do not change as fast the younger Mr’s.  Well, unless you count the wrinkles……………. 😆


3 thoughts on “ColourTech: Tetrad

  1. Whoa that sounds really complicated Kelly. But I have to say I do like the result. I love the simplicity of your layout and muting down the colours really has let you ‘mix them up’.

  2. I love the white bits over your faces. Really adds to the whole layout! ROFL! No, but seriously, I’m glad you are enjoying your colour lessons and learning new ways to do things that make you happy 🙂

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