Secret Places

Beware – the curse of *Secret Places* is back!  I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how dangerous *Secret Places* can be…. 

You know the ones – you put something in your secret place to keep it safe…….only to completely and utterly forget where that place is when  you want to go back to it.  Your treasures lost and gone forever.

I have been hunting for my last purchase of plain white and cream cardstock since before Christmas.  I knew I had it because I had pulled a small supply out to make Christmas cards with.  I have not seen hide nor hair of it since then.  That is until this evening. 

Why this evening??

Because last night, I asked someone who frequents the place I get my white CS supply from to get me some more.  Of Course!  Time to show its face 😉

So where was my *Secret Place* this time?  Well, it wasn’t where I left it – and tore my hair out everytime I went back there because I knew I’d left it there.  No…too simple.  It was tucked away in a completely different cupboard.  Why?  Because I’d tidied the spare room prior to Christmas to make ready for my dad and his partner who were visiting us.  Hence the *Secret Place* got moved – and forgot to leave a forwarding address.

Well at least one thing still holds true.  To find something that is lost, go out and get a replacement…. Hmmmmm 😆


3 thoughts on “Secret Places

  1. Absolutely. The infallible method to find something you’ve ‘put away safely’ is to go and buy a replacement. Guarantees the original will just throw itself at you from wherever it had been hiding.
    And I guess the moral of this story Kelly, is that cleaning up and doing housework is a bad thing. I always knew it!!

  2. hmmmmm so I need to replace my brand spanking new credit cards and the old one will turn up? I think thats why I have been reluctnat to replace it. Love how your cardstock found its way home. Maybe you should leave breadcrumbs next time. 🙂

  3. I try to limit the number of “secret places” I have for this very reason!! It means when I go to look for that “special something” I have only 2 or 3 possible hiding places 😉

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