Christi’s challenge

I’ve taken so long to get this up because a) IRL, I’ve been hectic. Total other story but I’m sure you’ll all know it.
B) it was hard!

Christi wanted us to compare styles from now and a year ago to see how they have evolved. When looking through my albums I am actually surprised to see that my style is probably quite different to the style I imagined I had.

I love the lumpy, bumpy, heavily embellished look. Yet, mine has has surprisingly little of it. I say surprising because I am always on the lookout for that little extra bit to add. And that is probably it: I use a little – a lot littler than I thought I did! 😯

Anyway, here is a layout that I did around this time last year and one that I did earlier this month.

I think that perhaps I have a more linear style than I thought – or maybe I’m just too scroogey to chuck all my lovely bits into one page!!


Anyway, I do think my style is evolving to one that is slowly taking more risks with colour – or perhaps just looking at it more closely! I know that I use the photo to help define the colour scheme rather than looking for photos to match the sticker (or other embellishment).  I also know that I’m loving putting more patterned papers together.

But I don’t know, Christi, I’m surprised to see that perhaps my style is evolving sooooo slowly, that the changes are quite minimal!

I know too that I am a bit freaked out by the fact that others who have been scrapping for around the same short time as me (18 months or so) or even less seem to be a lot more dramatic in the evolution stakes!

Still, at least I have some stories that are being told and at the end of the day, I’m having fun!

Anyway, Christi, thanks for the thought provoking look through my albums!

PS- I just took a look through my card files…. I think that maybe THAT is where my lumpy bumpy is showing up more… hmmmm …. interesting….


3 thoughts on “Christi’s challenge

  1. And at the end of the day Kelly, having fun is what it’s all about.
    For what it’s worth, I reckon I can see a significant evolution between your first and second layouts.
    The second has definately a more sophisticated style and demonstrates the experience you’ve gained over the last 18 months. Your use of shape, colour and pattern clearly demonstrate the learning journey you’ve been on.
    And just for the record, it’s a great layout.

  2. I agree with what karen said. She is a wise woman 😉
    I also think no matter how much we say this, we shouldn’t compare our work with others who have been scrapping shorter or longer than us. We have our own evolving styles. I do love that layout you completed on the irons as karen said its very sophisticated.

  3. Yep, I agree with Karen too. It is all about having fun and creating things that YOU love, since the layouts are for YOU!! 🙂
    I can definitely see changes in your style from that first layout to now, and I don’t know if it really matters how quickly we “evolve” or even if we do at all!! I mean if you love the style you’re doing, don’t change it just because everybody else is using XYZ … you know??! But having said that, being willing to try new things is something that comes with time and practice. So keep up the great work!!

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