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Me and my quirks

Ok – here’s a little catch-up.  Firstly, *thanks* to Karen – revenge is indeed a dish served cold!  😆    She tagged me with this quirky little thing: to name 5 of the quirks that make me, me.  I have probably got a whole lot more than this but we’ll deal with the ones that spring to mind.  Actually I don’t have any, so there we are.

 Ohhhhh, Ok, those that know me will never let me away with that, will they??!

  1. When I go to sleep, I have to begin lying on my left side, then at some point turn to my right.  If I do it around the opposite way, I cannot fall asleep.  Don’t ask!  😯   Just accept!  😆
  2. I like to lick the flavour of potato crisps… especially the really zingy S&Vs (salt and vinegar to the uninitiated).  I do my best to be discrete about this, but I’m sure it has been noted.
  3. Actually back to the sleep thing – if I go to bed too early, I end up being awake longer than normal….. probably because a bit of my brain is constantly telling me I should be asleep now………… and I’m not……. 😆
  4. When eating marshmallow easter eggs, I like to split them in half first.  Maybe to let the extra calories leak out first….
  5. I have an ordered approach to eating my meals…. 1st the least liked or appealing item (of a vegie nature) working my way around and upwards so the yummiest veg item is second to last.  The last item – the meat.  Always one thing at a time, always the meat last.  Do not ask me to taste how good something else is, I need to finish one item at a time!

Looking at this list, I am a little afraid that it is sleep and food that spring to mind first.  Is that another quirk do you think??  😆

So, now who to tag next…………………… Keryn, Donna, Christi and Gillian.

 You only need to tag 3 but, hey, I thought I’d help you out with adding to your blog, Donna 😆


6 thoughts on “Me and my quirks

  1. Loved reading these, Kelly!! I think I do the same thing when it comes to getting to sleep. But I always start on my right side and then switch to my left!!

    I think your “food order” quirk is pretty good. I can understand why you do it like that. Eat the least favourite thing first and get it out of the way!! I try to do that but then the kids look over and say “why don’t you have any beans, Mumma?” and I say “I ate them already” but they don’t believe me!! So then I usually have to have more, just to encourage them to eat theirs! Sigh. :-0

  2. Yip can understand the food one in repsect of veggies. However now I try and eat veggies I like so it’s not so much of an issue. Smiling at the easter egg one, I wrote a post about easter eggs this morning lol.

  3. 😆 too funny! yes, you too can wear a *I am a weirdo* button!!
    Enjoy your meals – one food item at a time – and have a good sleep tonight 🙂

  4. Great list Kelly. And I am so with you on the first one. I have to settle on my right shoulder first and roll to my left before I can get to sleep. When I stay at my partner’s place I sleep on the ‘other’ side of the bed and it’s realy weird.

  5. Hi Kelly – Just found your blog for the first time….via Karen…who I tagged with this “5 Quirky Things” detail. I guess you can ultimately blame me instead of Karen…but it was fun, wasn’t it? I’m the same way with eating in order. Someone asks, “How’s the chicken?” and I have to say, “Dunno, haven’t got there yet”. I love your blog – thanks for sharing your scrapbooking!

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