And now for those photos….

Finally I have got some time with my PC and the camera at the same time so I’m thinking it’s about time I added some colour back to the blog.

This first lo I am so pleased with. It’s based on a sketch using just 3 photos, but I think I managed to get the 4th in there nicely. Don’t you just believe that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth??!! Mr 3 has just been caught stealing “Christmas Trees” of the cookie plate……

The stamps are some Pebbles Inc foam stamps – they are just great to use – they come in various fonts.  These big ones were borrowed from Donna – thank you!

Herding sheep!

This next one is from the ClourTech classes – the Triadic scheme.  This is where you use 3 colours, each spaced 3 colours apart on the colour wheel.  Here I have used, yellow-orange, blue-green and red-violet. 

There is no way that I would have EVER imagined putting these colour together in a single page.  I was amazed to see how well it actually came out. 

The subjects are Mr’s 3 & 5 with their cousin who is 6 months younger than Mr 3.  Their (another) uncle was trying to get a nice shot of the three of them together for the aunt that was back in the US on a night back on ’05.  So they are all much younger than they are now…. and there was NO way they were all 3 EVER going to look in the same direction!! Making friends with the locals

Then just last weekend we did the Diadic scheme: Use 2 colours separated by two colours on the colour wheel. I would normally have chosen blue as the main colour- it’s probably the colour I am most comfortable with.  But I couldn’t get the scheme to work for me with either option then.  So a quick chat with the tutor and I started with yellow.  This let me add blue-green into the scheme – and I am again amazed at how well it worked.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this Colour series – we have one more class in the series this coming weekend and we will be doing a Tetrad scheme.  That seems a little daunting to me!

After chatting to Shona, the tutor, it seems she has in mind to perhaps do a follow up series.  We didn’t go so much into the emotions of colours – beyond touching on it as a concept in the first lesson.  I hope she will be able to do that second kind of series because I think that would allow a deeper use of colour to be made.


This lo was one of the ones I did in the Friday night crop a couple of weeks ago.  I know I’m going to end up with lots of these – but it makes my heart sing!  I love how these two are good mates.  Don’t get me wrong: the scrap like anything as well!  But they Do get on well – and what mum would not be happy to see that??!

Oma & Opa

And finally – a heritage page that I also did a the crop night.

I do need to do the title still – “Opa & Oma” but I haven’t quite found the right font yet.  The journalling will be a translation of the marriage details: names, dates, places of birth etc.  But I’m feeling really pleased to get the first of the heritage pages started. I have my dad and aunt working on their mum and dad’s details; my other nana and grandad on the case of their stories and my MIL for hers.  Phew – busy, busy!!


8 thoughts on “And now for those photos….

  1. WOWSER! You have been super busy!! Loving the layouts of your boys, nice to put faces to names, you know? They DO look very cute and innocent … but having a Mr 4 and a Mr 2 myself I do realise that looks can be deceiving! LOL 😉

    Glad you are enjoying your classes, it seems to be helping you try new things and get lots of scrapping done so that’s got to be good!

  2. Like Hannah said you have been a busy bee. Love the layouts. That heritage one is stunning. I know I have said this before but the colour class looks awesome!!

  3. Nice. Loving the colour classes and what you are learning there. Great to see you getting through the classes and generating layouts/assignments too. Always helps to *do* the class to fix the lesson in your mind.
    Hope the follow-up series eventuates : sounds interesting too 🙂

  4. Love all these layouts kelly but I would have to say that the first one of Mr 3 (the look on his face is just priceless) and the heritage one are my favourites.
    Thanks for sharing your Colourtech class with us. I’m finding this journey through colour really interesting.

  5. Oh WOW Kelly…what wonderfully amazing LO’s you’ve created… really love how you are learning and teachin us about this colour bizz… love the triadic one.. SCRUMMY colours together… but they are all amazing!!!

  6. Some neat layouts there – caught out – too cute and the pelican layout – brilliant …

    Thank you for sharing regarding the colours – makes for interesting reading …

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