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Disconnected from the world

It has been a scary 24 hours.  I realise now that I am completely addicted to all things online.  I would never have imagined that just a few months ago!!

DH has finally gotten on board the DSL train (we won’t mention things like “about time too” – ‘cos it’s only the line of work he is!!!!.  😯  Go figure!)

I think his decision to go broadband was based around getting a cool all singing, all dancing modem through work.  It was so cool, we weren’t able to configure it properly and I could not get back on to the net.  I was almost at the anxiety attack stage!!! 

Anyway, as you can see – ‘cos I’ve managed to get back on here!  – we’re back up and running again. 😆

Hopefully this means I am able to update and load pics faster on here….. I think the desk has hollows from where I drum my fingers waiting for the wordpress pages to change!! 


5 thoughts on “Disconnected from the world

  1. While you were away … someone tagged you : an invite to reveal five quirky habits : I can’t remember whether it’s Hannah or Janine … better visit them both and be WARNED 😉

  2. lol spoiltsport Karen 🙂 It was Hannah 🙂 laughing at you Kelly cos I can so relate to anxiety when being offline when it is out of our control ….

  3. Awww man! I always hated playing *tag* when I was a kid and it still looks like everyone tags the slowcoach!! 😆

    Okey-dokey – will have to do a round up and get some of them out of the way…. hopefully tonight! 🙄

  4. oh Kelly we are learning about this concept at the moment in my PE and Health paper. Just think of it being inclusive of you, and your friends want you to join in.

  5. Hahaha, finally decided to come out of the dinosaur era lol. I have a friend in the States who STILL has dial up! Can you believe that?!?!?! Surely it’s cheaper there! When we first started broadband it was way more headache than our dial up but it’s gotten better. I just had to put a cap on how much DH downloaded lol.

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