Made it to Friday

Ughhh.  That’s the sound my brain is making at the moment.  I don’t think it is capable of making much more than that.

I cannot believe how quickly this week has gone by – nor how unbelieveably tired I am.  I am even turning down the opportunity to get together with some really fun and crafty ladies tonight because I think I need to get my head down on to my pillow – fast

The change in time has affected the boys – they are up earlier than they need to be according to the clocks – and their mother.  Yet their bodies are telling them it’s all perfectly normal to be awake and up.  I am really hoping this changes very very soon!

 I had a lunch time Tupperware party today – a little more stressful than I was anticipating but we got there in the end.  I feel sorry for the rep – it was not the most lucrative parties she will have!  However, I am left with some very tasty cake indeed.  I’ll be happy with that.

I’ve just come from visiting Hannah’s blog – she sounds like she had simply the best day today.  Just spending time hanging out with the kids.  With my study and other commitments, I’m beginning to feel a little overwhelmed again.  I have been careful to avoid the temptation of doing stuff ‘cos it’s fun and it seems like a good idea at the time.  But I still have a tendency to jump into something ane let things work themselves out.  So, the concept of simplifying my life is still one in progress – maybe not so *HAPPY* today.  But a good thing to keep in mind is that I am more aware of needing to avoid my usual trick of overloading.  I can still focus on my Word for the year and re-direct myself. 

Mind you, I could just be too tired to be focused on anything to tell the truth.  Kids are also very tired; Mr 3 is asking for Peanut Butter sandwiches for dinner.  And you know, that sounds like a mighty fine idea! Quick and easy tonight, an early night and a weekend ahead.  That can only be good!   Ohhhhh ok, I might add a wee drink into that  😆


5 thoughts on “Made it to Friday

  1. I have to say the sammies sounds like a grand plan. Rest up and start to slow down so you can enjoy life……so hard being pulled in different directions.

  2. Hey, we all have days like that, when we feel not so *happy* and a little overwhelmed! And of course you are tired – you have been woken at 5am for almost a whole week!!! But I’m sure they will soon be sleeping longer. My boys are gradually extending their sleep and over the week we’ve gone from 6am to 6.30 am to 7am (even 8am today for one of them!!) so I’m positive your boys will be sleeping past 5am soon enough.

    My day was lovely, but those kind of days are few and far between. I’m positive that next Friday I’ll be back to running around like a headless chicken, crossing things off my “To Do” list, snatching 20 min here and there to get bits of work done and trying not to entertain my kids with the television all day long! Sigh.

  3. Wow, Kelly, you sound just like I feel too! I’m there as well. I’m not feeling very good inside so need to work out how to rid myself of this heaviness. I know about the kiddos waking early too. I’m soooooooooo not a morning person but Lauryn is lol. Granted she isn’t up at 5AM like yours but even 6 is still too early for me! Can’t she just figure out that sleep is good lol. I hope you got your much needed rest and are feeling better. *hugs*

  4. Hope that your weekend has gone a little better than your week did. Hope too that the children have decided that it really is a good idea all round to stay in bed longer in the mornings – makes for a happier Mum …

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