Cupcakes and other things

Well, hopefully you will see the cupcakes that I made for Mr 3’s birthday party over the weekend. They went down a treat! I did two packets and it was just as well… the packets made the exact 12 each the packet said…. and I discovered at the party that I had miscounted by 2 bodies. My boys. Where did I get my brain from and can I get a refund???!!

Ok, and now for a little something interesting hopefully… I’m going to try and add a second photo in here…..

Oh so tired!

Ok – I did it – got the second photo in.  It didn’t happen the way that was suggested to me, but I found a workaround.  It only took 20 minutes!!!  So, I’m not going to get really into it and put up all the pics I was intending to.  Turns out I’m ony half as clever as I thought I was.  That’s OK.  I’ll work out the “proper” way soon hopefully!

What is really cute about this pic is that things all went quiet downstairs last week.  I went down to check and this is what I found!  Mr 3 had made himself a cubby house using his old baby playgym thing, a blanket and his pillow.  Awwwww!  I then had to wake him up to get his brother from school – we was NOT quite so cute for the rest of the afternoon.  Mean mummy!!

Other news in brief – Mr 3 got his callup to afternoon kindy and sarted yesterday – loves it!  Mr 5 lost the plot at the birthday party over a goody bag and was sent out to the car with his father while mother died of embarrassment!  Daylight savings turnback happened almost unnoticed at teh weekend – how on EARTH I managed to miss every reminder I’ll NEVER know…. Mr’s 3 & 5 now wake at 5am.  I’m soooooooooooooo NOT loving that!!  😦  I am knackered with all the excitement of the last two weeks and although my bathroom is nearly done, have realised I have so much more I need to turn my poor wee mushed up brain to.  Will it happen?  I seriously doubt it, but I am sure that somehow the week will find it’s way to Friday again.

6 thoughts on “Cupcakes and other things

  1. Oh, those cupcakes are the coolest!! I bet Mr 3 loved them 😉 Cute photo of him sleeping, too.
    Wow, you are lucky getting him into Kindy at this age! Ethan didn’t start until a month before he turned 4 …. we have 3 kindergartens in this area and VERY long waiting lists at each one … GRR!

    And I hear you on the daylight savings thing … my boys are now waking around 6am (which is not HALF as bad as 5am, but I’d been really enjoying the 7am mornings for the past few months, and my body is NOT happy about the change!! LOL) … let’s hope they all start sleeping a bit later from now on!!

  2. Love the cupcakes.

    I can totally sympathise with you on the not so nice things about being a parent. Isn’t it lovely when they are tucked up in bed, fast asleep – lol!

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