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There’s been a whole lot of scrappin’ going on!

I think I’ve managed to have the best week ever in terms of scrapping. I’ve managed to get not one, but TWO crop nights in PLUS the class I’m doing on Saturdays. I’m loving it! Drove the hubby round the twist – apparently me being out two nights this week meant he was unable to paint our bathroom………… “yes, Dear………… NOT!!! Men, Eh?!

Anyway, I have managed to complete a total of five, yes, FIVE layouts this week. Now that is going to be a record that remains unbeaten for some time. I will probably get around to posting them but as Flickr only seems to let you post one pic per post and I can only be bothered writing one post tonight, most will have to wait!

The one I am posting I got a lot of interesting feedback on when I finished at Friday night’s crop. I’m sure that most people spotting it thought I was round the twistseriously for scrapping my straightners, but when I explained the kind of album it was for, they all thought it was pretty cool. It was quite amazing to see that almost everyone at my table had never considered scrapping about themselves. Most particularly liked the kooky subject matter as they got that they could scrap about them without necessarily including a picture of themselves in the layout.

Although this subject might seem trivial, it is actually a little more meaningful to me. I don’t know why, but if I feel my hair is under control – at least to some degree – I feel more confident about the way I look and therefore present a more confident face to the world. If my hair is doing its own thing, I tend to feel way more self conscious than is proper. It all goes back to the fact I’m a pretty shy and insecure person. Make that a Reformed shy girl. I’m pretty sure most of my insecurities have been left back in my 20s, but for some reason, if my hair will not co-operate they do threaten a comeback. Now I am armed – resistence is futile!

So, anyways, how many of you out there are doing BOMs for yourselves. Don’t forget to tell some of your own stories – if you need any prompts, visit the forum at Scrapbook Essentials – there’s a bunch of ideas round there.

The other layouts I finished were some that I’ve had going round my head for a while: a heritage one with DH’s Oma and Opa, a very guilty little fellow caught stealing christmas treats a couple of years ago, one of Mr’s 5 and 3 being very cute together and then there was my class one today.

The rest of the week has gone by in a blur – my new lino is down and I’m loving it! My new stove is in and installed – and has been used! I came home today after the colour class to find out we had been invited to a Pot-luck St Pats dinner at friends up the road. So the very first thing cooked in the new oven was a peach sponge – with a layer of dark chocolate melts under the sponge. It was heavenly! My new fridge is also in – and semi filled. Need to get groceries. It all has me inspired to go and cook fantastic gourmet treats for me and the family. We’ll be seeing how long that urge lasts!

Oh – and I also got the cupcakes made – and they look great! Promise to share the pics in the next day or two.

The party is tomorrow and I’m sure prior to that hubby will have me on babysitting duties while he finishes painting the bathroom (yes, you just heard the sound of a whip being cracked!) and I must get some study in. So, catch you all next post and I hope you all have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “There’s been a whole lot of scrappin’ going on!

  1. Love the layout and it looks great. Funny how some people get about BOM pages. To me it seems quite normal…..You are making a great start on yours. Who knows maybe you have inspired others?

    Lol at the whip being cracked and being on double baby sitting duties. That dessert sounded yummy…..and a pot luck dinner sounds great. Can’t wait to see photos of the cup cakes.

  2. Love that page, Kelly! Very nice!
    Glad to hear you got so much scrapping done, and that you’ve been able to make use of your new oven & fridge!! Hope the party goes well tomorrow and that hubby gets the bathroom painted … I’m sure he finds painting as therapeutic as you find scrapping – I know my hubby does!!!

  3. LOL at your hair control tool! I too have recorded *hair issues* in pages *about me*.If I want to load more than one photo into a post, I do the second and third ones *manually* by copying the flickr photo address into the post.
    Looking forward to seeing those cupcakes 🙂

  4. Well you have been a busy little scrapper … go YOU! Five layouts in a week – excellent. Sounds like you have been having a blast and the mojo is with you – use it while it is there.

    Hope DH got the opportunity to paint the bathroom and as for the baking of the sponge with chocolate melts – yummo! Hope the cupcakes turned out!!!

  5. Great layout and love the subject matter. My niece is welded to her hair straighteners. She would no more leave the house naked than go out without first straightening her hair.

  6. Love the BOM page. It’s something I keep promising myself to do but have only done one page! Eek! I think I will create another this Month.
    Sounds like a great weekend. Yumo at the sound of the dessert and cupcakes.
    Hope to see photo.
    have a great week.

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