The updates on our house are beginning to show!

Oh it’s been so exciting – if very tiring the last few days…. We’ve been renovating our bathroom and getting all that updated.  One of the things taht we had to do as part of that is relay some vinyl.  We had a lot of fun looking at different types of coverings and in the end we chose a whte, timber look. 

Seeing as they needed to come in and do this, we decided that rather than continuing to think about how much we disliked the existing black and white squares in the kitchen, not to mention the carpet in the dining room, it was about time we sorted those rooms out too.  So we chose a natural timber vinyl for in there.  I am SO pleased with it – they came in this morning and have laid both rooms by just after lunch. 

As well as all this excitement, we decided to replace our not very safe oven and our leaky fridge (fridges don’t like being moved from one side of the planet to the other very much!).  Because the vinyl was being laid today, I’d arranged delivery of the new appliance for tomorrow.  The Kitchen looks so weird without those items in there!!

We had to take them out last night so that the vinyl layers could do the job properly.  So, we are without a fridge and a stove for 2 nights.  Today is Mr 3’s birthday.  Guess who isn’t getting a homemade birthday cake for tea tonight!  I feel pretty stink about that, BUT we are having his party on Sunday and I AM making little Thomas cupcakes for him then.  In fact, I think they will be christening the new oven!

But what to do for tea tonight?  It’s amazing when your stove is taken away from you, you suddenly realise how much you use it….even my jug is plugged on on the side and i had to find a new plug for that!

You know, we are doing a pretty simple update and change to our home.  It looks like a warzone at the moment (and some days it might even sound like one as “design decisions” are being decided upon….).  I’m not sure our marriage would survive a full on house renovation.  But once this is done, there are a few more decorating jobs I think hubby needs to finish.  Then there is the maintenence outside…..  Poor Boy!


6 thoughts on “The updates on our house are beginning to show!

  1. Very exciting, Kelly!! I’m jealous of your new appliances … despite doing a total renovation at our place my poor little oven has been put on the “oneday” list and never been taken off!! I have been promised a new one but it just never seems to happen, something else is always more important. The thing works fine, it is just old. So perhaps if I *break* it … hmmm … that might just work!! 😉

    And yes, total renovations are very stressful. Especially when your kids are 4 months old and 2 years old! Living in your parents’ garage for 4 months while you do the renovations is also a tad stressful. LOL. But all worth it now 🙂

  2. oh how exciting! I can say that because we are not renovating!! ISO what was for dinner? Like you said you are going to be making cup cakes and they sound great…..can’t wait to see photos.

  3. Sounds just busy enough really – great tho that the boys can come in and re-do the floor coverings in a morning … have fun playing with the new oven and all its gadgets. Hope the birthday goes well and that the cupcakes turn out nice and light and fluffy.

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