It’s raining, it’s pouring

*Sigh* According to Augie Auer on National Radio yesterday, today could signal the end of summer.  Apparently there’s a really cold blast about to hit and it’s probably the end of the golden weather.  I really love summer – and I was feeling like there wasn’t enough of it this year thanks to the late start.  However, even I have to admit that the run of gorgeous, sunny, warm weather we have had the last few weeks has been lovely.  Short maybe, but definitely sweet.

So, today it is raining.  Thank goodness I brought my washing in off the line last night.  On busy days, it can often get left overnight 😳  However while it looks and sounds like wild weather – the wind whistling, the rain against the windows, it’s actually still quite warm.  ……………..Maybe, just maybe, Autumn will hold off for another few days….

The only annoying thing is: Tuesdays are one of our busy days.  Instead of enjoying from the inside, I will be out often enough I doubt the time spent with my hairdryer will make a jot of difference.  So I guess regardless of what the weather reporters say, I should just find my coat, and put up with the fact I will be looking like something the cat dragged in today.  My hair HATES Wellington (actually, it’s me it hates but that’s a WHOLE other story!) – too much wind, the smell of rain – it’s enough for it to just forget what any hairbrush or hairdryer tried to tell it in the morning.

So, if you see me around today – don’t be too frightened, OK?  It is me, I did attempt to tame the bush, but …..


5 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring

  1. I too, was saddened to hear all the talk of summer being over!! Here I’ve had my hubby telling me that since summer started late, it would finish late. And that it would be lovely weather on my birthday (31 March). Yeah, right!! I’m not impressed if this is the end of summer. We were at the beach on Saturday and had a swim, but I don’t want it to be my last one!! I’m really quite sad about all this!! 😦

  2. you are a nutter kelly you made me giggle about your stories of your hair…aww don;t tell me about summer being over, I write on my blog this morning about how I like rain. But I don’t like days of it.

  3. I so DO NOT DO RAIN … I really do look like something the cat dragged in when my hair gets wet and it is not a good look … the hair just gets curlier and curlier.

    Quite often to be heard at work in the Winter – I don’t know why I bothered doing my hair this morning or using half a can of hairspray – it’s more like the windswept look – lol!

    Yep, the rain can go now … I quite like the idea of another month or so of nice late Summer weather.

  4. Why in the heck did I think you lived in Auckland, Kelly??? LOL. I’m all confused! It doesn’t take much these days lol. I can’t stand the rain for days and weeks on end. Since I wear glasses it never fails that I have to do the ‘spectacle shuffle’ lol. And it’s annoying cleaning your glasses 51 times a day because of rain drops lol.

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