ColourTech: Complementary

I was at the second of my practical ColourTech classes being held at Scrapbook Central today. Gosh I just love to be able to scrap for a whole two hours in the middle of the day!

Today we were working on a Complementary scheme – that’s where you pick a colour and find the exact opposite on the other side of the old colour wheel. The hardest task for me today was deciding which group of photos to choose!

Once I chose these ones of the various animals we encountered on a family holiday, my first thought was *Well, orange is going to be the first colour* (deemed by Mr 5’s shirt…) That made the second colour really easy – Blue.

Now, I do have to say that I had a laugh…. don’t use orange all that much and here I have chosen it TWO weeks in a row!

My next biggest task was choosing how to use the ribbon. In the class I was allowed to choose two lengths. And those that know me will know this excites me: I love ribbon! Yet, I couldn’t for the life of me work out how I was going to incorporate it in my layout today.

I think I need to point out here that I haven’t done the same layout as the rest the class in either lesson as I have so many photos to scrap already; I just don’t want to be printing off yet more for the sake of the class. As a result, while everyone else is lovingly creating their pages as per directions…. I was agonising where to include my lovely ribbons. I think I did pretty darn well.

I’m also liking my AL Journalling stamps….. thanks Meg for getting those in.

Now the other thing I learned today was that complementary colours can really pop – almost too much – because they are directly opposite each other. I took that info on board and I have to say, the different saturations of the colours here work really well for me. I am pleased with the look!

The other thing I am super duper pleased with is that I have managed to use at least 5 of Megan’s ingredients for the March Challenge. I used ribbon (yes!), brads, at least 2 papers, journalling, and rub-ons (in *Australian*).

Next week is a Triadic colour scheme…. nervous? Oh Yes!

PS – See that lovely photo of Mr 5 (then 3) touching the snake? What you don’t see is his mother desperately trying not to put her total and absolute phobia of snakes on to him… I actually managed to say *Oh Look #, a lovely snake* ….. all the while backing away as fast as it was appropriate with a 5-month old in my arms!!


7 thoughts on “ColourTech: Complementary

  1. Excellent layout. And it’s really helpful to pick up a couple of the things you’re learning in the class. You can read this stuff in books but actually doing it is a far better way of learning.

  2. Cool layout, Kelly! Everytime I see orange and blue together I think of our school colors lol. We were the Rockets and it was orange and blue. Then I changed schools at 15 and it was orange and black lol. I couldn’t get away from orange lol. Yay for meeting the requirements for the March comp as well. Good luck with the triadic color scheme. I’ll be watching 😉

  3. The classes sound really interesting Kelly, glad you are getting so much out of them. It’s all “art stuff” that I remember from school when I took art but it would be neat to learn about it again and do it from a scrapbooking viewpoint 😉

  4. Makes for interesting reading for us bloggonians – you go to the classes and share with us.

    Loved your comment about scrapping for two hours in the middle of the day – lol!

    Loved the layout, but I think that I will pass on the snakes …

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