Resolution remembered

So how are you all doing with your resolutions so far?  Into March and I am doing my best to remember the parts of the New Year’s resolution I made.  Actually, I’m not sure it was a true NYR….. it all came about while thinking of my word for the year: HAPPY.

So far I’m doing OK.  One of the things I needed to do in order to live my word is to remember not to overcommit to things.  I’ve always been really good at saying Yes! to things that sound exciting or I get the feeling need to be done…. then remember that the 16th and next Tuesday are actually the same day! 

I’ve really been enjoying getting more involved with the crafty side of life – but considering that I have TWO papers to keep on top of this year, I have needed to remind myself quite a few times  not to get carried away.  I must remember I have a Hubby and 2 children after all!! 😆

So, today after being tempted by a Page Swap over at SE, I remembered my resolution and decided not to do it…. this time!  And while I was bummed at the possibility of missing out on something, I can just look at my wall planner and see I still have PLENTY to do and to keep me happy….

Coming up is:

  • Monday – send Hannah’s CJ off after completing my pages
  • Saturday – next class in ColourTech series
  • Thursday (tomorrow!) – crop with girlfriends
  • The weekend – painting our bathroom
  • Next Friday – vinyl being laid (then the following week, the bathroom should be completed….. YAAAAY!)
  • Dinner tonight….. lasagne or spaghetti…?
  • fold washing
  • watch Prison Break
  • Swimming with Mr 5 afterschool tomorrow
  • Mum’s lunch on Friday……. I’m on dessert… oh crikey: I’ve done American brownies or Lemon sour cake so many times…. gotta think of something different!

Yes, that’s a busy enough week…..


6 thoughts on “Resolution remembered

  1. I am so proud of you not saying yes to soemthing. It takes so much to say no. But we have to put ourselves first. It’s all about balance. Oh I have a recipe for you for lunch dessert….choc fudge slice(no bake and so quick and easy) or a choccie and raspberry torte.

  2. Yep, you sound busy enough already!! I also had to say no to the Page Swap, even though I would LOVE to do one!
    What papers are you taking??

    Saying no is not always easy, but sometimes it is the best thing to say 😉

  3. Yep, good on you for saying No! It’s a very small word and so many of us have trouble saying it! Me included.

    Enjoy making your dessert for lunch tomorrow.

  4. How about making a trifle. Not hard.You can scrapbook (or work on your paper) whilst each layer sets and everyone love it.

  5. Yes, I haven’t been joining up for things either. I find with my DT commitment, I stress over that, that I can’t take on much more lol. Not to mention the cjs lol. I just can’t reasonably do it and I dont want to let anyone down. I’m sure you will be able to enjoy things once things calm down a bit more. My schedule looks just like yours lol.

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