ColourTech: Analogous


Today I completed the first layout in the series of classes I’m doing on colour. While mostly I think I get the colours OK in my work, I am often asking others for a second opinion. So I figured that it would be good for me to get some theory behind me.

Last week was the theory – I’m still not 100% certain that I could pick a warm tone from a cool tone too well.  But I think I might be able to understand why one colour doesn’t do it yet another very similar one is just awesome. Sometimes I think I go with instinct, and mostly it pays off. It’s nice to understand now though that there is a reason behind these instincts.

This is the result of today’s first practical class – Analogous: 2 or more colours that are side by side on the colour wheel. The red shirt and the red-orange of the wiggles car were my inspiration. I’ve used a Red/Red-Orange/Orange combination. (Brown is a *Non-colour* and isn’t included in the scheme … interesting)

Next week we are doing Complimentary.

Please excuse me if I spelt Analogous wrong – I’m too tired to go downstairs to check…. 😆


7 thoughts on “ColourTech: Analogous

  1. It looks great! I finished a layout and worked on two more that I can stick down next time we all get together – woohoo!

  2. Hi Kelly – now i thought you were being ultra daring and using pink with orange on a boys LO. Whether it is red or orange I think this layout looks great as the colours pop together. Thanks for visiting my blog btw. I checked the link to the card generator and it is right, it just doesn’t look inspiring. Just fill in all the sections, press submit and you will see a cute little card. There are several versions of card so it is fun to keep playing and seeing what happens. Enjoy!

  3. The layout looks great Kelly.
    Picking colours is the hardest thing for me. Even with a colour wheel. Maybe I should do a course like this.

  4. Gorgeous LO, Kelly… What an amazing class to do…
    Like riding a bike, once you learn about how to use colour it just comes naturally..

  5. Kelly – ok, I’m not sure why I don’t visit your blog lol. I guess I ‘thought’ I had you on bloglines cause you stop by mine so frequently and I just haven’t read anything lol. So tonight I made it my mission to put you on bloglines lol. And everytime I see k.nelson when you post a comment it kinda trips me out lol.

    I am the exact same way as you with color. I once said to hubby that I wanted a dark blue for my bedroom, a nice warm color. LOL, he said ‘um, blue is cool’ lol. Whatever *eye roll*, what does he know lol. Actually he’s a printer and I have to hear about colors all the time lol.

    Are you teaching classes??? I think these color ‘challenges’ with the color wheel would be fun for a comp. I’d like to think I am good at picking color as well but some times I find it really difficult.

    Ok, I promise to keep watch now 😉

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