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Playing with a new gadget

Remember how I mentioned I was a gadget girl. Well, sadly I succombed to another one…. *blushing* I just can’t help myself…….. oh but I like it! So this is a wee card I knocked together within 10 minutes of arriving home with my new machine. I blame it on the store that had some specials just as I was looking again…………

Edited to prevent further injury to readers… I just wanted to hasten to add that the gadget is a Big Shot – not a cricut.  Yes, I would dearly love to bring one of those home, but *dearly* is probably the operative word there.  So sorry, Hannah, I hope you are feeling better after falling of your seat 😆

6 thoughts on “Playing with a new gadget

  1. You got a Cricut?? Holy cow! I wish I could afford to just buy a new phone and then a Cricut because I “felt like it” … LUCKY YOU!

  2. I automatically thought ‘Cricut’ as well – and thought to myself lucky you …

    Enjoy playing with your new toy.

  3. LOL, thanks for clarifying! If I’d read the forum first I would have known you were talking about something a *tad* smaller/cheaper! Hehe 🙂

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