I’ve been Tagged!

I hadn’t visited Keryn for a couple of days so I thought I would drop by – only to discover she has Tagged me.  Oh Man!  Here goes:

1. Find the nearest book:

Book I’m reading

There it is ^

2. Name the book & the author:
Isabella Dusi
3.Turn to page 123.
4. Go to the 5th sentence on the page & copy out the next three sentences onto your blog.
Hunters bring their own dogs and hand them over to the canai for the day, but of course not everyone has a hunting dog and, more significantly, not all hunting dogs excel at the same things.  Ofelio, canai for today’s hunt, looks entirely comfortable with twenty-seven dogs surrounding him.  Some are yapping and jumping to receive a pat on the head; others lounge serenely at his feet, stretching their noses in his direction or licking his boots. 

5. Tag 3 more people.
This is where it gets hard!  Ok, guys, consider yourselved *tagged*: Karen (GirlFriday), Hannah and Karen (Karooch)


6 thoughts on “I’ve been Tagged!

  1. OK! I’ll have to do this tonight when I’m at home, because the nearest book to me right now is “2004 Medical Management of HIV Infection”. Well, I guess I *could* use that one, it would certainly be different! 😉

  2. Oops you’ve tagged me … might have to do this at the weekend. Since I’m currently wading through an Excel handbook to make sure I feel confident about my spreadsheeting skills.

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