My new Bathroom is about to be reality!

We have been planning and planning to fix up our downstairs bathroom for a while.  The builsder and the plumber are good guys – but Sheeeesh – it’s taken them AAAAAges to finally co-ordinate their work and get here!  We’re not doing a dream bathroom – we won’t be living in this house long enough to make that worthwhile.  We do however want to have a bathroom that is pleasant to be in and use while we are here for the next few years!

 So, rip out the bath (there’s one upstairs anyway), get rid of the scungy shower and hte 70s vanity.  IN with the lovely no joins WHITE shower, the LOVELY modern “belly” vanity over by the area where the bath has been taken from.  Away with the dark, ugly green walls – we are going crisp white – with some yummy green glass tiles under the wall mounted cupboards.  There’s gong to be a big mirror, lots of light-  and a heated towel rail.  Oh Bliss!!  I just took a look now the old walls have been ripped down – the room isn’t any bigger…. No secret Tardis room in there!!

 I just hopped over to Janine’s page this morning too.  Seems a whole lot of thinking going on about BOMs just now.  I love visiting Janine’s blog as she shares her thoughts so openly with us all.  She’s been thinking about the whole BOM thing too – and has some great links to go check out.  It’s so true – the main message behind all the articles is not to forget to tell our own stories.   I’m looking forward to seeing some of the layouts that are going to come out of it all…. there’s a few people that have decided to do a bit more about themselves.

I was thinking too this morning that I really want to get some more info about my grandparents and their lives.  I’m lucky that I still have one set still around.  However they are in Invercargill and I virtually never get to see them anymore.  Fingers crossed I’ll pop down for a couple of days later this year.  But I was thinking that I can’t rely on that visit to get me the info that I want.  So, I thought that I’m going to send some questions down by mail and get nana and Grandad to return them along with some photos.  Now THAT will be a fun project to see evolve!

Oh, and my first set of course material was delivered on Saturday.  So, I’m going to have to be a good girl and make sure that I start hitting the books as well as doing my fun projects!!

……………………….. Anybody know where a girl can buy a few more hours in the day??! 😆


5 thoughts on “My new Bathroom is about to be reality!

  1. Sounds like you are going to have a lovely bathroom! I know how excited you are, we renovated in 2005 and it was sooooo good after waiting a long 5 years to start anything. I love my new bathrooms now!!

    And if you find out where to buy those extra hours, let me know!

  2. oh I like the sound of your bathroom, you have to take before and after shots. you culd do a few layouts on that, or a mini album. Thanks for the compliment. I like the idea that you had of sending photos and questions down to your grandparents. Great idea.

  3. How exciting! Love renovations.
    Good idea to contact your grandparents now for photos and answers to family history and family anecdotes. It’s great to have those memories recorded in their own handwriting (or voice) if they’ll do that for you 🙂

  4. You need another few hours in the day as well … yep me too. Dad gifted me a 25 hour day a few years back – but I still need more than that … this normally means that one has to slow down and in my case ‘take time’ to smell the roses. Life is just busy enough really.

  5. Oops, I hit return [I think] and it flicked my message before I had finished – duh me! Love the idea of you corresponding with your grandparents here in Invers and getting them to fill in the gaps or answer some questions – scrapping their handwriting as well in the process … lucky you.

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