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BOM Layout – the inside story of my bag!

BOM – bag

Well, I did say that this was the year that I wanted to get a few more pages scrapped that were all about me. And thanks to Janine, I’ve started! I went shopping for a new album that is just for ME! Yes, I’m selfish like that!! 😆

The whole concept of doing pages on me is a bit weird. I look through the albums and I seriously hardly ever feature. The reason being mainly that I have always HATED pictures of me. So this challenge was a good one to get me going – it has let me do something about me, yet not featuring me.

Yet in thinking about this over the last week or so, I realised that I have some quite big and quite personal items that I want to do. One idea came to be as Mr 5 asked why we don’t see a particular aunt and uncle anymore. We have spent a great deal of time with them until maybe 6 months ago. It was DH’s and my decision not to keep in contact – a rift that has been boiling below the surface for some time finally came to a head. We knew that it was a matter of time before we would have to explain what happened to ur boys – we just weren’t expecting it now. Goes to show that they might not have many years behind them, but kids don’t miss a thing.

We chose to explain it quite matter of factly and leave it at that for now. *X said something that we didn’t like and we don’t really want to be around people that say those sorts of things*. It’s an interesting lesson: Mr 5 is having some issues at school with some kids. We are trying to give him the message that it’s OK to not be around people that say or do hurtful things. So I guess the family situation is providing us with a model for him.

It also let me see that we will need to explain – probably in some detail – at some point just what happened. I’ve decided that I am going to scrap this. The whole situation made me very upset and while I try to be strong in the face of the person, I get quite anxious leading up to the inevitable (now rare) meetings. However, the thought of putting it all down for future reference actually is helping me deal with my thoughts and feelings surrounding the people involved. I’ll be interested to see the output of it. It also made me realise that it is important not to just scrap the good moments in life. It’s a challenge, but hopefully in the future there will be an understanding of why things are the way they are right now.

So, from the humble beginnings of the inside story of my handbag, I might just end up with something a whole lot deeper.


5 thoughts on “BOM Layout – the inside story of my bag!

  1. Well done on getting that layout completed. I love it. I used to hate having my photo taken, howecver I realised that no one would know who I was if I wasn’t in the photo. My goal was to have more photos taken. I can tell you although I didn’t like it at first it did get easier. Now I don’t mind. When I saw photos of me I saw flaws, for example how big I really am, bad hair days etc etc. I realised no one else did and everyone else saw thier own flaws. Secondly I got into the habit of getitng Mike to take photos of me after seeing the hairdresser, that helped. I have a strong belief if we don’t do BOM pages about ourselves, who will tell our story? My goal this year is to do more handwritten journalling. I love journalling but don’t like seeing my own writing.

    One of the March prompts is something that you raised in this post. Wait and see.

  2. Wow, how very brave of you, Kelly! I think it could be therapeutic to scrap that painful story. I love that you’ve done a page on your handbag, I keep saying “I will get to that soon” but I haven’t, and I won’t get it done before the end of Feb – sorry Janine!! I tend to have these great BOM ideas and then just put them aside and scrap the kids instead. But when I’m gone, will anybody know ANYTHING about me?? They’ll know lots about my boys, but nothing about me! So I really have to try and do more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Congratulations and good luck with your Book of Me album. I’ve been trying to do one for months but I find it really difficule to scrap about me. I’ve started by doing peripheral stuff and maybe I can sneak up on myself that way.
    And I hope you can scrap the ‘difficult’ moments OK. That’s something I haven’t yet tried.

  4. Yeah!!!!… I’m here…. LOL!!!.. I got Andrew to stand over my shoulder and watch me… and you guessed I didn’t have a problem… isn’t that always the way…. I’m so glad I can finally have a good look at your blog Kelly…
    This LO is just Gorgeous!!!!!… I think we are all the same about BOM pages.. But you’ve mastered this one hun…I really love your little scalloped bits in the corners..

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