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Hello, Baby!

Baby girl card

I ordered some things from Meg the other day – some stamps that I just adored on other people’s layouts and cards. She has been trying to get these and a bunch of others in for a wee while. I was so excited to get her e-mail that they had FINALLY arrived in, I ordered straight away on Tuesday afternoon.

I was even more excited that they arrived on my doorstep the very next day!

And now I am so very HAPPY because I’ve managed to have a play with them. The poxed one is asleep for a bit – so I made a tag to go with Libby’s Joy CJ and this, my final of 5 baby cards. I LOVE this one.

I think I might make this one again – my cousin’s girlfriend just had a baby boy on Tuesday. He is my aunt’s first granschild so she is waaay over the moon.

2 thoughts on “Hello, Baby!

  1. Those swirls look really cool! I will have to have a play sometime – but not this weekend or next week – just too busy.

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