A Pox on our House!

…………make that on our Mr Almost 3!!  Oh I feel bad for him ‘cos I know he’ll probably feel really grotty.  He had been grumpy the last couple of days, ran a temperature last night, et voila! this morning a lovely, watery spot… By the time I got him to the chemist to get some relieving items, he had another half dozen spots coming up.  Man, they move fast!!

 Did you know…. in Flemish they are called waterpokken – *water-pox*.  A far more accurate name, don’t you think?

 Anyhoo, we have a couple of Thomas DVDs and Playhouse Disney at our disposal, so hopefully a few quiet days at home.  Only fly in the ointment will be getting Mr 5 to and from school while limiting the contaigous one’s exposure to the neighbourhood.

Uh-oh – you know what – he is 3 on the 16th next month – goodness, hope the spots don’t go on his face / are not so bad come that day…………. hmmm……..could be a spotted birthday cake coming up rather than the Thomas one planned!!!


3 thoughts on “A Pox on our House!

  1. Like I said in my email this morning, I’m so sorry to hear that he has chickenpox! I hope it is short-lived and that he doesn’t get too upset or grumpy about being itchy and stuck at home! Hallelujah for DVD players 😉

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