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The Contents of My Bag

One of the things that I am going to try and do this year is scrapbook me. I do a lot of the boys, a lot of the family but have avoided doing me. So, it might start out pretty simple, but there is going to be a book on all things ME.

Thanks to a Monthly BOM challenge over at SE that Janine has started, I have finally gotten around to taking a photo and looking at the contents of my handbag. Janine laughed when I commented on her post that I thought it was safe for me to do this. Yes, she was right: I had had a tidy up recently – I’d removed all the used tissues, the grubby receipts etc. No-one needs to see those, right?!

My bag is one that I bought while in Antwerp. Originally purchased ‘cos I knew it would be big enough to bring files etc home from work safely – and carry the latest mag I would read on the commute to Brussels. In actual fact, this bag has become almost a part of me! It goes virtually everywhere. It did, admittedly, have a brief spell when Mr 5 arrived – I used a baby bag then. but the truth was, once he was about 18 months or so, I used this bag again – it was a lot more convenient. And I guess it didn’t have “Mumsy” written all over it!

 So, what is in my bag these days? Let’s see……

  • My wallet and ALL its contents
  • Mr 5’s wallet – with the teeny bit of pocket money left from last week
  • Mr Almost 3’s wallet – ‘cos he’s just gotta have one even tho he doesn’t get pocket money yet!
  • Sunglass case
  • A flyer for McDs – bigger happy meals…hmmmmm
  • Panadol – yup – gotta have access to that!
  • My diary – ESSENTIAL!
  • Spare stamps
  • Purell – some things are just Yuk!
  • Spare nappy – (the wipes would usually be here too but I just used them!)
  • Mr almost3’s sunhat
  • tissues
  • Sample tube of toothpaste!?
  • loose coins
  • spotlight card
  • Gloria jean’s coffee card
  • Wendy’s free ice cream card – must use…..
  • cellphone
  • 2 lollipops – unopened
  • batman toy?!
  • Turtle toy????!
  • Entry ticket from P’ram tram museum
  • 2 lipsticks, 2 lipglosses – haven’t worn make-up for a while though!
  • Hotwheels car?!!
  • 4 pens
  • ………..and a coke can tab – I’m a good recycler – they go on cards!

And we’re NOT doing what this might all mean, OK??


4 thoughts on “The Contents of My Bag

  1. oh but thats half the fun analyzing others handbags… thats the easy bit done. I want you to scrap it now before the end of Feb to go into the draw for the SE BOM challenge.

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