It’s been quiet

Well, so it seems. Yet when I look in my diary, I see that we have in fact been pretty full on. So I guess it’s just been quiet here in virtual land.

Mr 5 started his swimming lessons again this week. FINALLY  I have managed to get him moved up a grade. It has been a really frustrating process. Last summer we had a breakthrough – he went from not wanting to get his head wet to growing gills!! BUT although his confidence is way up there, he was not floating on his back. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he is long and thin, he had trouble keeping himself all in a lovely straight line. So he wasn’t allowed to move through the grades. Trouble is, they don’t focus on back floating in that grade– it’s just something they are expected to do before progressing to the next 😕  At the end of last year’s lessons, we said surely, SURELY he must go up now?  They said, he is still not floating on his back. But hey, he’s 5 so he needs to go into the Grade 1 group anyway.

So, we turned up on Wednesday. Only to find it’s the starter grade for 5-year olds that have NEVER swum before!! OMG! Anyway, the teacher taking him looked at me, asked me how was he on his back? I said, he doesn’t mind it but the whole bouyancy thing is an issue. She said *Look at him, he’s trying to teach himself FREESTYLE– go tell the office to move him* Sigh, so he’s now in the right grade. Yay!

Mr virtually3 doesn’t eat so great. Oh, yes, offer him chippies and lollies he’ll probably eat THOSE till the cows come home. He usually will eat a decent enough breakfast, an OKish lunch – but dinner – well who needs THAT? It’s a thing that has always been there – as a baby being offered milk – it was always *ohhhhhhhhhhhh, OK, if I must* kinda thing. Well, he’s almost 3 so I thought Well, if there’s any issues because of this, best find out sooner rather than later.

We went to the GP, and he agreed that it was probably best to check the sorts of things that blood can show to be on the safe side. So yesterday we went to the blood place. Poor wee man…. although I’d put that cream on to numb the area, I think just looking at it happening made him feel bad. He CERTAINLY has good lungs! A couple of weeks down the track I’m sure we’ll be told everything is A-OK but it will be good to have the reassurance.

I had a bunch of girls over last night – we did an Photo Organisation thing. It was a Creative Memories thing – the outfit is not really my cup of tea. But hey, anything for a few friends, a night out, and a few wines, hey?! PLUS I did actually get some photos sorted! Tonight I will be creating – it’s our monthly gathering in Tawa. Last month we got shown how to make a GORGEOUS little suitcase. I think I’m going to use mine to have as a card index – so I can keep track of who I need to make cards for and what I did for them last time.


4 thoughts on “It’s been quiet

  1. Isn’t that crazy about the swimming classes? Obviously he was doing great and was ready to move up, so silly that they didn’t listen to you in the first place. I think we’re going to have to start swimming lessons again with Ethan. We took him as a baby (from 9 months) but then stopped. He loves to be in the water but he is not what you would call “confident” nor is he willing to try new things. Tyler (age 2), on the other hand, has never had lessons but is a FISH and is just SO relaxed in the water, already trying to float and swim properly. Go figure!

  2. Love the suitcase – looks wonderful.

    Swimming lessons, yep, been there and done that with both kids. Sometimes tho the so-called behind the scenes leaves a lot to be desired …

  3. welcome to word press. Will update your link over the weekend. Whooo hoo about Mr 5 being moved at long last to the right group. Oh that was Mr Three that I could hear from Hamilton? lol. Love ya wee suitcase there.

  4. Love your suitcase. That is yummy. Great idea to use it as a card index … I would want to have it on display all the time 🙂
    And congrats on getting your son in the *right* swimming class.

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