I did something today

Oh, yay, this makes me HAPPY!  I actually got a couple of LOs done today.


“Sorted” was on my list of To Do’s – it’s the white cardstock challenge over at SE.  I’m really loving how it turned out!  Perhaps White can be a friend of mine too )

You are LOVED

Then “You are LOVED” was a spontaneous one.  It came from a photo that I got back yesterday (yes, one of the 364!).  It really spoke to me.  DH says Mr 5 looks as grumpy as all get out, but for some reason I knew I wanted to tell Mr 5 that I really, really do love him.  You see, Mr 5 and I argue – LOTS.  I still can’t tell if it’s because we’re so much alike or because we are too different.  Or whether I’m just no good at reading him.  Or he is just too lippy.  No matter the reason, we get LOUD.  Some days it gets too much for me – I feel so bad that this might be all he remembers about me.  Thankfully, because I’m working hard on figuring out how not to go there, there are a lot of good days too.  I wanted to do a page for him so that if he remembers how much we fought, he will also know how much I respected him and loved him.

Awwww, soppy, eh 🙂


5 thoughts on “I did something today

  1. I think it’s so special to do pages like this. I know my 4-year-old BOY just adores looking at my scrapbooking pages and I can tell that he feels so much love when he sees how hard I work at them. I’m sure your little guy will feel the same way, especially when he reads the heartfelt journalling. Great job, Kelly!

  2. Heya…. the article is in the just out Summer 07 edition…. get layouts from some of the girls in there too… thats the next goal….

  3. Kelly they are both beautiful…Wow I love the white BG one.. so graphic and clean..looks brilliant..And the ‘you are loved’ LO..looks amazing..great use of those scrummy PP’s…

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