The First in the Aussie Circle Journal

It’s been a while since I actually completed a layout – it seems I’ve been doing a lot of cards lately. All fun so that’s all good. I have a couple more to do for upcoming birthdays so look out for them here.

But last night and tonight I worked on the second of my circle journals that I have signed up for. To get this finished, I’m actually very HAPPY {there’s that word :)}
Although I picked the topic, when I came to put something on paper, the concept was quite elusive. I never intended for there to be a photo on this page – put somehow by putting one on, a couple of things came together. I think it’s come together quite OK.

I actually need to get this posted on teh group site. Hopefully the computer will play nice.

I have a mountain of pics to be thinking about – I got them into be printed this morning. When they arrive there will be some fun! But in the meantime, the gals over at SE have been putting some cool challenges up. The Fortnightly challenge at teh mo is to use a white background. Took some picutres of PEGS for that……. so hoping that’s going to come together in time.

On top of that, one of my aims for this year was to scrap more about me. Janine has got some good thinking and challenges going so I hope to be working on one of these too.

Ohhhh how the creative juices are flowing. Well, they ARE doing that around my head. We just need to get time and space to co-operate!

BTW: while I’m dropping names here – and I think I was! – go check out this Belgian dare site. It’s new and I think it’ll be quite cool. Don’t worry – It looks a lot like dutch – and it is! – but there is enough English in there for us all to get the picture!
Ciao for now!

3 thoughts on “The First in the Aussie Circle Journal

  1. Isn’t it good when you feel those creative juices??! And I love getting pages done for my BOM. Sadly I haven’t done enough lately.

  2. go you on getting that cj layout done!! Yes finding time is the thing isn’t it. Seems like dare blog sites are popping up everywhere. Love the layouts on that blog.

  3. oh I do like the clock circle with you at centre! Great idea.

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