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364. Three Hundred and Sixty Four. Sounds pretty close to a year doesn’t it?

It’s not. That is the number of photos I’ve just gone through and put on a disc to get printed. wow! OK so I won’t be scrapping EVERY SINGLE photo – but wow! I thought I had a few to catch up on. Have I said it enough yet??!! Wow!

We only have dial up. I’m NOT going to be putting them through to DigitalMax in time to take up their special offer of 15c a pic. Bummer – ‘cos that would have saved a wee bit!

These photos are all the ones from last year that have been put neatly into folders on the computer, waiting for me to come back and sort out which ones are the ones I really, really want to scrap. I still ended up with that HUGE number! A lot are still duplicates – I find it too hard from looking at one photo and then another and deciding which of the two I actually want. So, I’m taking heart that the majority of these will be sent to other homes of friends and family that are always demanding to see actual pics.

I thought I was going to get a couple of layouts done tonight – instead it has taken me best part of 2 hours to get this lot sorted. Clearly though, it’s been a good 2 hours. In theory, I think it means that I will not have to go back to 2006 for scrapping sources. That is a good thing: I have a LOT to do from well before then! And I’m thinking that it might mean I can keep up to date with 2007. That’s a good thing!

Mind you – I now have the photos – I’ll need to get creating won’t I?!


2 thoughts on “364

  1. wow thats a lot mind you I sent around 150 off to digimax. I wont be scrapping them all either….its a good exercise to do though.

  2. Woah that’s a lot. I uploaded mine in about six lots, ranging from 8 photos in a batch … to sixty. I love that I’ll have six white envelopes -full of prints- waiting for me at the chemist to be picked up!! LOL

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