DCM Challenge

I’ve been taking in the good folks over at DCM for a while now. Some of my cards have seemed to have met their challenge for the week so I’ve linked them back here. However, this is the FIRST time I have actually produced a card based on their challenge.

This week we’re joining forces with the wonderful team of Scrapbookers over
on the Everyone is Speshal blog. We’re daring each other and you to make a
Really Romantic Scrapbook Layout – but on a card!

Scrapbookers are challenged to downsize your usual a 12×12 LO onto a teenyweeny one – maximum of 6×6, which can be sent safely through the mail.

Cardmakers – you’re used to working on a small
space, and you know all about the ribbons, brads and other bits and bobs – but
can you take on board all the other little touches that are used on a scrapbook
page – the titles, the journalling, the photographs etc?

My card is a 4×4 layout – the first time I’ve worked on something so small! It was quite fun – only just enough room to do what I wanted! I chose to do a photo-less lo as I felt the title and the journalling explained all.

Anyway, I know someone that was definitely challenged by this one – and she did a great job. Go on over and take a look at all the lovely cards the DCM girls do. Then why don’t YOU have a go too?


10 thoughts on “DCM Challenge

  1. great card Kelly……love the colours……Mike is at work this morning so I can make a start on this dare….

  2. Welcome to the DCM Kelly – great to see you joining in. I think we all found this one quite a challenge for various reasons. Your card is lovely, thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Lovely Kelly. And good for you not putting a photo on. A challenge within a challenge (and happy anniversary for the 12th)

  4. Beautiful Kelly. I love the fact you didn’t put a picture in but still captured the memory perfectly. Gorgeous.

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