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Are you a list person?

I’m not really. Ok, I’ll make grocery lists and To Do lists – but it seems that the only time I refer to them is at the end of the task / day to see what I missed. Somehow the actual act of writing things down puts those things in my head. The important stuff sticks – mostly. The not so important stuff often doesn’t stick. I think this is called “Volcano Management” !

Anyway, a couple of fun lists via Ali Edwards looked interesting so I thought I’d try and make them.


These are the items that you reach for time and time again – the things that you absolutely must have in order to create.

  • My paper trimmer – it’s the only way I know I’ll cut a straight line!
  • Scissors – I finally got some sharp, pointy ones so I can now cut in nice and close
  • Inks – chalk ink is becoming a must have, but I would use ink somewhere in almost every page I think. The absolute minimum colours for me would be black, platinum, and sepia.
  • Photos!
  • Pens – i’m doing my best to “love my handwriting” – I use a black zig, and white pigment ink pen
  • Adhesives – i have a few but the two I use most are double sided tape and Henzo glue
  • Cardstock
  • Patterned papers – I have to have some

OK, so with that list I could create. Don’t know if I would be happy with every page. Probably would like to have a list of things that I’d like access to even if I couldn’t bring them myself…. ribbons, brads/eyelets, rub-ons. Yeah, I think they are almost on the Essentials list!

The second list was “THE GOOD STUFF” – those things that you’re using lots at the moment and are making your brain zing!

  • Flowers – yes really! With two boys I haven’t been doing many girly pages so with a few challenges and a determination to get some sort of “pink” in there, I’m getting flowers on many things!
  • Rub-ons – ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Titles, swirls, Big swirls, stitches…. yes please gimme!!
  • Buttons – I’m a newbie to buttons – and I LIKE
  • Chipboard – I’m liking lots. Still a little restrained as I figure out what to do – but I’m wanting to use it quite a lot.
  • SERIOUSLY patterned paper. I’m trying not to be scared of mixing it up. The couple of pages I’ve down wit more than one bit of pp I’m liking LOTS. More experimentation coming up.
  • paint – yet another “new” thing for me – but I love the effect I’m getting. i got a bottle of texture paint in a kit last month. Have no idea what to do with it at this point so feedback on some ideas would be welcome!
  • Serviettes – I got put on to this by a friend for card making …. and now I see it creeping into a couple of my pages. All to do with the FUN serviettes I’ve been given!

So these are my lists. What would be on your ESSENTIALS and your GOOD STUFF lists?

[Will post some pics once I’ve organised (!)]


3 thoughts on “Lists

  1. good lists there. My essentials I did a few weeks back. I have yet to do the good stuff, thought I would do my post on Tuesday about that lol. Love flowers and rub ons too and pattern paper is all good. I used to be scared of it until I did Alis class last year!!

  2. Well I like lists because it helps me to get motivated to get things done. Gotta love those check marks. But like you, I often don’t actually refer to the list until I’ve completed what’s on it. I’ll always make a list to go to the supermarket but I won’t look at it until I’ve been right around the spermarket and finished my shopping. Then I just check that I got everything.

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