Some boy cards

Keryn brought her boys over this morning – her eldest is a very crafty boy and my eldest has been itching to get his hands on my gear. So a couple of mornings now, we’ve set it up so they can have a play. They actually played more than they created this morning but that’s OK. They get on really well! We had another friend and her boy along too – total 5 boys, 3 mums! It funny listening to them yahooing down the back where the cubby house has been installed! That is while we mums were in the dining room doing our own creations!

My two monsters have a birthday party to go to over the road on Friday – Their eldest boy was 8 on Monday, their youngest turns 4 on Friday. Think it will be lots of fun – they love to get together when they can.

So, as a *responsible* mum, I thought we should be turning up with some cards. Here they are. Thanks Keryn for bringing your sizzix toy too – I like!!

BTW: why am I having problems when trying to “BlogThis!” via Picasso – it is driving me MAD!!! I think I’v got it all done then check on here to find a lovely little red x – GRRR!!
I have been making a lot of cards the last couple of weeks it seems. I’m wanting to get on with a few scrapbook pages I have in mind. Thank goodness I’ve started a notebook with the ideas – not just the themes, but whenever possible the sketch or ideas of what I’s like to use on the page too. NOT that that means I’ll actually get any of the visions completed in the same way as I’ve noted! Still, trying to capture the inspriation when it hits… has to be a good thing, eh. (Cripes!! why am I centred aligned now??? I keep trying to align left…….uhhhhggghhh!)
I need to get something sorted for my NoCrap CJ. That was the first journal that I signed up for – I’ve just managed to get the SE one done first LOL! The theme for the NoCrap one is “What makes you tick?” Sort of know what I’m wanting to say, so that’s all good. But had no idea how to express it visually. Had an AWESOME idea this morning. Need some more supplies though………………………… πŸ™‚ Well, a little bit of cardstock…

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