Circle Journal beginnings

I signed up for a circle journal via Scrapbook Essentials earlier this month and the date is fast approaching. I kind of knew what I wanted to do when I decided to have Friendship as my theme. Thought that would be easy! However, come the time to actually commit something to paper — YIKES! Turns out that although I have many faces that I want to include on my pages, I don’t actually have a photo of everyone. How does that happen??! There’s yet another mission to be completed this year: “Take More Photos!” So, anyway, here is a peek at the first pages of my circle journal.

It’s been a busy couple of days round this place – not exactly doing much but busy all the same. We’ve been trying to get ORGANISED for school starting next week, get back into the rhythm of non-holiday living, and also getting some quality family time in. All to often we find ourselves rushing in our own directions – or at times – the directions of one or other of the boys. Some weekends the four of us sometimes only come together to eat – or exchange parents before heading off to get something else done. No wonder our section looks like it’s owned by vagrants! Must get on to that – but that isn’t on today’s To Do list!

DH tried his hand at fishing on Saturday night. He didn’t catch anything but he did take the time to enjoy the environment. It was a lovely calm night and there were quite a few people walking or fishing along Petone Wharf. DH remarked on how having a fishing rod in his hands meant he felt able to just sit and take it all in. No wonder people like to fish so much. Personnally, I can handle the sitting around, taking things in, the quiet reflection the time gives to you. But then what happens when you actually catch something. Ugh! no thanks!! This will be a Dad and boys activity I think!!

[BTW, I should mention that Gillian was the inspiration behind stamping my big flower!]


6 thoughts on “Circle Journal beginnings

  1. Hi Kelly, You’re off to a gorgeous start… Love both pages.. Beautiful choice of everything.. love how you’ve journalled on the PP, **WTG**

  2. me again Kelly, thanks for the credit, can’t take it tho, I think lots of people have beens stamping on flowers long before I started.. ;o) I hope you have a fabulous day…

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