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Birthday flowers

A little something I have done for my sister’s birthday next month. I’ve used serviettes obtained from Keryn’s great stash. I’m quite pleased with the fact that I have used all three tulips – I usually will use just the one. However, I picked up that bright pink ribbon with the lime stitching and I thought it went so well with the colours in the serviette that I could use the stripes as well. Super pleased with this.

I was MEANT to be doing my Dad’s card…. couldn’t find my Modge Podge! Grrrrr – I have so many “safe places” that I never find things again! So, while I AM trying to get into that organisational mode, I seem to shoot myself in the foot a little now and again!

Being organised is one of my “Resolutions” this year. Truth is, it’s usually a resolution EVERY year for me – I never quite get the hang of the concept. This year is a bit different – I’m still thinking about what it means to me. I found a definition on The Free Dictionary as: Methodical and efficient in arrangement or function. Yep, that sounds like what I need.

I am managing bit by bit (yes, it’s baby-steps for me at the moment) to organise some things, but in the bigger picture I still manage to clutter and lose things. That old phrase “A place for everything and everything in its place” is really true.

So after a bit of time spent (unfruitfully!) looking for my modge podge, I was getting very frustrated. Nowhere near my HAPPY word for a while. Something reminded me that this was the very thing that I was striving to fix within myself this year – I don’t want to be getting grumpy at the little things. So I took a big deep breath, realised that I wasn’t going to suddenly get organised in order to complete the cards I WANTED to get done, and wondered what else I could do this evening, in the same vein, that would focus me back on getting something done. Then I remembered that my sister’s birthday was also coming up. Et voila!

Adding a tick beside the list of cards I need to do – yep, makes me HAPPY!

Oh, yeah – I also managed to send away two of my SE swaps today – both on time. AND, I managed to tick off all but two tasks on my daily To Do list. Not too bad for she who is completely DISorganised! Baby steps are helping 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Birthday flowers

  1. Love the card for your sister. I tik we are all quite good at internally beating ourselves up and I have safe places too lol and I find I forget where they are when I am tired or stressed. So now I have designated safe places!! Good on your for doing something that made you happy. Baby steps are all good.

  2. Have you heard of The Fly Lady
    She gives you help in tidying and organising.
    You’ll have to google for her though as I don’t have the link – sorry.
    Nice Tulip card too by the way.


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