Sparkly glitter

This card has been made for another friend turning 4 this week. I’ve used a now favourite technique – jac paper and glitter. It was a technique that Keryn showed us last year and has become a firm favourite to use for our little friends’ cards.
Mr5 often helps me with these ones – choosing the appropriate stickers and sprinkling the glitter all over. The first time he made one of these cards with me, he couldn’t believe how much glitter he got to use. His eyes were so big as I said for him to keep tipping more and more glitter! At school and kindy I guess they only use the amount they need and sprinkle more carefully. After tipping out LOTS and giggling the whole time about how much was coming out, he was amazed that I simply tipped the rest not stuck back into the bottle.
Ever since then, he’s been a VERY keen helper with these glitter cards!

6 thoughts on “Sparkly glitter

  1. What a cute card! Glitter sure counts as ‘bling’ to me (though I am not on the DCM design team!). You would have loved the glitter challenge we had at DCM over Christmas by the looks of this. I like how it is so simple but fun – just right for a 4 year old.

    Will look forward to seeing more of your creations in some more dares 😀

  2. I have to give the credit for this technique to Jack. From Jack to me to Tracy and Vicky and Kelly. This is one very well travelled technique. And like all the best techniques it works well because it’s much simpler than it looks.

    btw I like the four template you’ve used, particularly the little curl at the bottom.

  3. That’s a great idea for kids cards – I’m always stuck for ideas for these so might have to quiz Keryn for info!

    Thanks for joining in with the Daring Cardmakers and showing your lovely sparkly card

  4. Great Card Kelly, lovely and sparkley… haven’t used jac paper.. I love that you made this with your son, sounds like you both had so much fun together

  5. Love the glittery bling 🙂 Sounds like the making of it was a lot of fun and it looks so fab 🙂

    jo xx

  6. love this! tried to use some jac paper & some glitter but it has clung to other bits too! What’s the secret?

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