The Limbo Week

I always think of that week between Christmas and New Year as one of Limbo. DH is usually off, none of us is doing anything we usually do, we often take off at a whim and do something different. Nothing on TV is the usual programming that I watch. I usually forget which day of the week it is fairly quickly! It’s this period of quiet relaxation. I LOVE it! Pity the weather this year hasn’t been quite so conducive…. might have to find a tropical island of my own one day!

Christmas itself was really nice. The familial travails on “his” side of the family got forgotten – mostly – and we got to enjoy christmas with a touch of “my” side. Dad did a great job on the cubby for the boys. They got to help him reconstruct it in its new environs – and thoroughly loved the experience. Dad and his new partner were here for a few days only, but we enjoyed their company and got to show them around a bit. Boxing day was really neat – weather was crap here in Wellington, but we escaped to Masterton and REALLY got some christmas summer. OK, so we hit the crap again just as we hit Featherston on the way back, but we DID have 24 o while we were in Masterton. Complete with the sun blazing from the sky. Niiiice!

The boys just loved the experience of having Pop here. DS2 did what I have never seen him do before – stop Dad in his tracks and demand to be picked up! That is normally reserved for Mum and Dad ONLY!! DS1 got to travel with Pop on his own on one of the outings. And chattered all the way – I was surprised that Dad’s ear never fell off!!

Both boys seemed a little bereft when they drove away on Friday.

DH has spent the couple of days since we’ve been on our own to get a few of “those little jobs” sorted out around the house. Yay! (We won’t mention that some have been waiting more than 12 months to get around to….!)

I got my results back from my second paper towards my certificate. I managed a passing mark. Not a brilliant one, but one that accurately reflects the tough time I had through the year with my health. And the main thing is I PASSED! Now I need to sign up for the next two papers towards the certificate. Decisions, decisions!

I have done NO scrapping for over 2 weeks. On one hand it’s actually been nice to take a break. On the other, I feel like I’m hanging out – itching to get back into it! I have soooooooooo many ideas coming forward that seem to be reaching a bottle neck of actually getting around to doing any thing. So I need to get down to some work I think! There are still a few christmas cards that I need to finish and post out. yep, I always have a few that don’t reach the post office until the New year. I should really do them as New Year cards shouldn’t I??! I meant to post something here for the Daring Cardmaker’s but missed it and now I think it must be several weeks ago.

Looking at some stuff I have on my plate this year, I think I’m going to have to really try and stick to a New Years Resolution for once in my life. i mean to say, I KNOW how great I am at procrastinating – wouldn’t it be nice to show everyone I too can be organised???

So, I think that will be it: in 2007 I will be more organised with my life!! What does that mean?

  • Well, the housework will get done (at least more so that it is at present!!)
  • i’ll do a tad more home baking
  • I won’t be late with the study assignments
  • I will get DS1 to school by 8.30
  • I will be timely with any swaps that I sign up for
  • I’m going to try and get at least one layout a week done (so make that a goal of 52 for the year!)
  • I’m not going to overload myself with stuff – you know, over-commit myself.

Ok………….. so check back here same time next year. We’ll be seeing how much of that actually makes it through the year!

I’ve just signed up for a Circle Journal. i have no idea how to do one of these, but i thought it would be fun. And it’s one way to ensure I get something other than bills sent to my letterbox, eh?!

Well, to anyone out there that might actually read this, Hope you have a lovely New Years celebration – what resolutions are YOU making??

See you on the other side.


4 thoughts on “The Limbo Week

  1. haha, Keryn! go for it!! Actually, it’s the same resolution I make almost every year, but I thought if I had any chance of achieving it, I probably should know what I mean by it!!

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